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Dale W Wood

Dale Ventures

Founder & CEO

Dale W Wood first began his foray into investing and entrepreneurship when he obtained his Bachelor of Business and Administration in marketing and management from Texas A&M in 1993. To put himself through college, he worked at Cafe Eccell for the duration of his degree program, quickly obtaining his MBA from International Business at the Edwin L. Cox School of Business shortly after 1995. 

Dale Wood then began his career as a marketing specialist for Texas Industries in 1995 after receiving his MBA. He had developed their website, one of the first websites for a company in the construction material manufacturing industry in the early days of the internet. 

Ambitious and ready to leave his mark on the world, Dale Wood went on to prove his abilities in a wide range of positions after Texas Industries. These include job-defining roles like an IT recruiter at Kforce Inc. staffing agency in 1997 and president/CEO of HealthYes! Preventive Screening in 2007. 

Today, Dale W Wood operates a private investment holding group founded in 2017 called Dale Ventures. He invests primarily in industries and businesses like real estate, consumer and retail businesses, financial and business services, and technology and media. 

Dale W Wood is a seasoned venture capitalist with an extensive portfolio of investments through Dale Ventures.

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