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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a fee for joining this group?
There is a small annual fee for membership in the YPN. This covers attendance to all of our big corporate events and educational activities.

How are members informed of upcoming events?
Events can be found online in 3 different places: 1. Our weekly e-newsletter to members 2. On our social media sites 3. On our website

What are the ages of your current members?
Most of our members are in the 24 - 35 age range, however our group is open to those who are 20 - 40 years of age.

Is YPN a singles or networking group?
The YPN is an organization aimed at uniting Nanaimo's young professionals for the purposes of networking, professional development and socializing.

How do we join, and receive information about upcoming events?
Simply email us at, we can send you information regarding membership, and add you to our mailing list which contains detailed information regarding upcoming events.

What types of activities does the group take part in?
We have organized many diverse events including quarterly corporate events, member hosted lunch and learn functions, fundraising activities for local charity groups and organizations, recreational sports teams, and social gatherings.

Is your member’s personal information confidential?
Members' personal information and contact info is kept confidential unless asked to be included on our website or member roster. If you wish to exchange contact information with another member of the YPN, we encourage you come out to one of our many events to connect in person.

Does the YPN have any Rules?
The YPN has a general code of conduct that our members are asked to abide by. Inappropriate behavior and soliciting will not be tolerated and any members caught doing so will be asked to leave the group. The YPN expects all members abide by this code of conduct, which upholds the principles and values of the organization. To obtain a copy of the YPN General Code of Conduct, please contact