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Happy Hour and Speed Networking at Carlos O'Bryans

Join us for Happy Hour at Carlos O'Bryan's to celebrate the end of the work week...this time there's a PD twist!

So networking is a skill and the more you practice the better you get like with anything... so as a way to help our members get better at meeting more people in less time we are facilitating a speed networking event. What does this look like, well we will have half the room stay in their seat and the other half will rotate until everyone has met everyone! Bring LOTS of cards you'll need them! Dont worry, no public speaking required! And we will help by showing you some great questions, ways to engage people you've never met, and more! So whether you find yourself talking the the same people every time you go out or you are new to networking and arent sure how to make the most of networking groups; we will help you take your networking experience to the next level and learn how to make the most of every event for you from now on!

Happy Hours are held bi-weekly on Fridays, alternating between North and South Nanaimo.

Guests interested in joining the YPN are always welcome.
If you are new to the YPN and would like to arrange to have someone to meet you at the event and introduce you to other members please contact our membership director Kim at

Please drink responsibly and arrange for a safe ride home