Kirsty MacDonald

Parks and Open Space Planner
City of Nanaimo


Kirsty works as the Parks and Open Space Planner for the City of Nanaimo. Nanaimo is rich in parks and trails with over 130 km of trails and over 1200 hectares of protected green space. These are a big part of what makes Nanaimo a great place to live.
With Master Degrees in Landscape Architecture and Community Planning, Kirsty's skill-set is a perfect fit for her portfolio which includes: 
  • master planning, designing, and overseeing construction of new parks and trails
  • working with neighbourhoods, event groups, and sports teams to improve existing recreational facilities
  • landscape and site design
  • public art
In her spare time, Kirsty enjoys playing the Celtic harp and piano, painting, kayaking, hiking, and being active outside.
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